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Autumn Leaves

Lock out leaves and

debris from entering

your gutters...


Made In The USA
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GutterLock Elite Gutter Covers Protection
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GutterLock Extreme Flow Gutter Covers Protection
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GutterLock Diamond Gutter Covers Protection

GutterLock can protect your largest investment ...
your home!

GutterLock Across the USA
Watch our Whiteboard Video and discover the benefits of the GutterLock Gutter Protection system in a simple, quick and understandable format. Click the video to view!

Homeowner Testimonials

Our family room is directly under two very large silver maple trees, and it was a huge chore to keep those gutters cleared each fall. We had GutterLock installed on that problem area, and I haven't been on a ladder since!

Mike T.

Omaha, NE

It was finally time to replace our gutters, and during the meeting with the gutter company, it was recommended that we also add GutterLock as insurance against clogged gutters. After three years, we have been delighted with how they work, keeping leaves and pine needles out of our gutters. I highly recommend GutterLock!


Char A.

Memphis, TN

Living amongst the Ponderosa Pines of Eastern AZ has its benefits. But the fire hazard of piles of dried needles in our gutters convinced us to shop for a solution. A national advertised brand would have cost us over $7,000! We found a GutterLock dealer and they were able to finish the entire project for less than half that!

Ann F.

Pine Top, AZ

I recently purchased GutterLock Elite for my home. I was impressed with the affordable price and the guarantee that came with it.  I'm happy to report that it has kept our gutters clean of leaves and debris. I would highly recommend GutterLock Elite to anyone looking for a reliable gutter protection system.

Edward L. 

Plano, TX

I recently had GutterLock Diamond installed on my home and I'm so glad I did! Not only was the price very affordable, but they guaranteed the work and it has been a life saver. It has kept our gutter clean of leaves and debris, and even keeps the critters out. I highly recommend GutterLock Diamond! 


Thomas M.

Ft. Wayne, IN

Thank you, GutterLock!  I had the Extreme Flow gutter cover panels installed on our home about three years ago.  I’m enjoying not needing to climb up a ladder or get on my steep second-story roof to unclog a dirty mess out of my gutters.  It looks great and works great!       


Dave K.

St. Louis, MO

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