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GutterLock Elite Gutter Cover

GutterLock Elite is our premium gutter cover that protects your home from the problems of clogged gutters.

Designed to handle any heavy rainfall, GutterLock Elite will fit the existing gutters, enhance the support of the gutters, and protect your home for years ... Guaranteed!

  • Heavy gauge aluminum

  • Fits over existing gutters

  • Does not screw into the roof

  • Eliminates cleaning of gutters

  • Provides animal and pest control

  • Made in the USA!

  • Available in 13 Colors (See Below)

LIFETIME warranty
GutterLock Elite Gutter Cover
GutterLock Extreme Flow Gutter Cover

GutterLock Extreme Flow is our premium gutter cover that offers all the benefits

of the GutterLock Elite products with an even higher degree of protection on troublesome drainage areas. GutterLock Extreme Flow can be used in

conjunction with the Elite product for a combined gutter protection system.

GutterLock Extreme Flow is designed to work best in high flow areas of the gutter system:

  • Steep Roofs

  • Metal Roofs

  • Valleys

  • Inside Corners

Designed to handle the toughest drainage areas

of the gutter system, GutterLock Extreme Flow will fit

the existing gutters, enhance the support of those gutters and also provides

animal and pest control.

  • Available in 14 Colors (See Below)

GutterLock Extreme Flow Gutter Cover
LIFETIME warranty
GutterLock Diamond Gutter Cover

GutterLock Diamond’s ribbed cover allows for debris to be lifted off with a gentle breeze.  Uncovered gutters and downspouts can easily get clogged with leaves and debris.  When gutters are clogged, they will overflow with water which can cause major damage to your customer's home foundation, fascia, landscaping and siding.  GutterLock Diamond has a diamond-shaped filtration system that can handle any rainfall and outperforms other gutter protection products with round holes.

  •  Very affordable

  •  100% recycled aluminum

  •  Environmentally friendly

  •  Fits all residential gutters

  •  Diamond holes handle ANY rainfall

  •  Provides animal and pest control

  •  Adds more stability to gutter system

  •  Available in both 5" and 6" sizes

  •  Available in Black, White and Copper (Custom Order)

GutterLock Diamond Gutter Cover
25-year warranty

GutterLock Mesh cover allows for leaves and debris to simply blow away instead of clogging up your gutters.  This all-aluminum mesh cover is made in our successful diamond cut pattern that can easily handle any rainfall. This cover is not visible from the ground. Very easy to install. No screws needed. Each panel just snaps to the front lip of the gutter.

  • Available in White Only

  • No warranty

GutterLock Elite Gutter CoverGutterLock Elite Gutter Cover
GutterLock EZ Drop-In Mesh Banner

GutterLock  Accessories

The GutterLock System includes other materials and supplies that are needed on many installations.  We offer Diverters, End Caps and Inside Corner Miters as well as a complete selection of the hand tools, screws and paints needed for a successful installation.

Diverters EndCap Miter
Available colors for Elite and Extreme Flow
Color Chart NEW

*Copper is available in Diamond*
Custom Order Only

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